Mark Leonard, MBA

Mark Leonard, MBA

Thanks for your interest in joining The RedlandsMill Marketing Mastermind Group. I can't wait to get started.

When John Mills bought this building and converted it to The RedlandsMill office space, he envisioned a community of businesses and organizations who knew each other, talked with one another, and maybe even worked together on mutual projects. This marketing mastermind group is one way to work together to grow our businesses.

My name is Mark Leonard. I have an office at The RedlandsMill for my company, Ictus Strategic Marketing. I help small businesses like yours figure out how to grow, and while lots of businesses can't afford to hire a marketing consultant, most would benefit from getting some help. That's why belonging to a mastermind group dedicated to improving your organization's marketing and business strategies could be a great idea for you.

The combined science and art of moving people to make purchases, join a cause, or take action fascinates me. I have been working as a marketing director or manager for nearly a decade. My marketing and business development experience includes work with companies in manufacturing, healthcare, education, service industries, and non-profits.

The way we think about marketing is changing. Many of the operating rules that the Madmen of the 20th century followed no longer apply. This Marketing Mastermind Group will be devoted to sharing ideas and building the kind of trust required for us to give honest and sincere encouragement and accountability to one another as we work to grow our businesses.

To get started, let me know who you are.

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