I tailor all of the my presentations to the specific audience. I talk about the importance of context in our business strategies, so I make sure that I deliver a presentation that is contextually relevant to the people in the room.

With that in mind, here are some topics that I've been talking about lately.

Information Parity: How the Information Age Has Changed the Buyer/Seller Relationship

We are living in an age of information abundance. One Google executive estimates that mankind created five exabytes of information from the beginning of civilization until 2003. We now create that much information every two days.

The abundance and availability of information has changed the way people buy things. There is a new equality between buyers and sellers, and businesses have to change the way they think about marketing to cultivate leads and increase sales.

What attendees will learn:

  • How the information age has changed the buyer/seller relationship
  • Why it is more important to be useful than amazing
  • Why no business should have a social media strategy
  • How to build marketing tools that align with buyer journey stages

Evaluating Your Website: An Executive's Guide

The business world was turned on its head when the world wide web became mainstream. Most small business owners and company executives know that their website is an important piece of their business' success. But tackling a website project is intimidating, and it's common for small business owners to simply neglect their website in favor of concentrating on what they know – building homes, making guitars, serving customers.

Neglect is seldom considered a winning business plan. I wrote this guide for my clients to help them update the way they think about their website, and familiarize them with modern website standards. Let me talk to your group about how to think strategically about their website.

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • How to incorporate your website into your marketing strategy
  • What are the important functional elements of a business website
  • SEO Basic Best Practices
  • Six website elements every business must consider

Marketing over 400 Years: Why 21st Century Businesses are Coming Back to 17th Century Marketing Principles

The practice of marketing has changed dramatically since we turned the corner on the 21st century. But today's marketing successes are coming from businesses who are reverting to a 17th century marketing case study.

Before marketing was called marketing, leaders of communities, organizations, and governments had to work to influence, convince, and convert people to their cause on the merits of the cause alone. Marketing had to be helpful. But when marketing became a science in the 19th and 20th centuries, the strategy changed from being helpful to being coercive.

With today's connected economy, consumers are not easily fooled, and they resent attempts at coercion. That's why leading companies have returned to the principle of helpfulness. If you're not helping your target market, you won't be in business much longer.

What Attendees Will Learn:

  • The history of marketing over four centuries
  • How to think like a 21st century marketer
  • How to build a marketing strategy based on utility and helpfulness

I really enjoy speaking to groups about the parts of life that interest me, including growing a strong and purposeful business. If you're looking for a speaker, click the button below and tell me about your event. Thanks for your interest.