What the Company Faced

Before the 2008 recession, Quad Knopf, Inc. was the first choice among competitors in its regional market for community planning, engineering, and land surveying. The recession weakened industry demand and increased competition in Quad Knopf’s regional market. They needed a reboot.

Our Approach

The Corporate Pulse

Before we started rebooting the corporate brand, we needed to do some self discovery. We held meetings in each of the company's five California offices to ask employees questions like: 

  • What does our company do better than anyone else?
  • What values are we currently demonstrating to our market? What values should we communicate in the future?
  • What are the gaps in how our market perceives us and how we want to be perceived as a company?

The internal research revealed that it was time for Quad Knopf to be reborn. The company needed a new name, a new logo, and a fresh start.


First Initiative: Eliminate Brand Chaos

After revealing the new name and corporate logo, we went to work training people how to use it. We laid out QK's Brand Vision in a document that is shared within the company, and consulted when making marketing/messaging decisions. This document laid the foundation for a consistent brand messaging strategy.


As part of this process, we also created a Graphic Style Guidelines document. This document sets the boundaries around all of the different ways that the company is represented visually in the market. It is another great tool to avoid brand chaos.


Second Initiative: Develop a New Website and Marketing Collateral

With the new brand vision, messaging strategy, and style guidelines in hand, we went to work recreating the company's website and all of its marketing collateral.

We transformed the way the company presented itself to the world. And as a result, we also transformed how its people felt about themselves working in a more contemporary, innovative engineering firm. We created more than a dozen new pieces of marketing collateral for the company. Many of them were editable templates that could be used by employees repeatedly. 



Third Initiative: Launch and training cycle

Ictus helped execute a company-wide brand launch party

When it was time to launch the new brand, Ictus Marketing helped budget, plan, and execute a multi-site launch party for the company.

 On the day that we launched the website, every QK employee arrived at their desks to a "Welcome to the New QK" kit. The kit included their business cards, a custom notepad, a pen, and a welcome letter. The offices had a celebratory atmosphere with balloons, cake, and new images hanging on the walls featuring QK Brand Vision Statements and images of their most significant projects. It was a day to celebrate the work that QK does for its communities. It was a day that marked a new, bold, and creative chapter in the QK story.


Ictus created a series of ten training videos for QK staff to learn about their new website and brand.

We also held an all-hands-on-deck video conference call to present and explain the brand vision for this new chapter of the company. 

Externally, Ictus prepared a series of emails to be sent to QK's current clients. We drafted a letter to be sent to prospects. And we wrote news releases that were sent to local news media for the day of the launch.

Finally, we trained the marketing staff to manage their own website. Ictus created nine custom training videos for QK staff to learn everything about their new website.