It's pretty simple. If you've trusted me enough to give me your contact information, I promise to never intentionally misuse that trust. My business is built on helping people grow things – their company, idea, non-profit, whatever. My business is not built on gathering people's contact data and selling or sharing it with other companies.

I could copy and paste a bunch of legal jargon here about how I will or will not use the information that I collect from you. I don't want to, so until someone tells me I have to, I'm going to leave it at this:

We collect information based on the user's permission. We use that information to develop a professional relationship that may or may not result in working together to make our worlds better. Depending on the information provided, and our assessment of how we can be helpful, we may add you to an email campaign and periodically send you more information about what we think interests you. At any time, if you feel that the stuff we're sending you isn't worth your time, just unsubscribe from the list. No worries. No hard feelings.