Episode 38 – Lauren Spohrer: This Is Criminal

Lauren Spohrer, Criminal Podcast Producer

Lauren Spohrer, Criminal Podcast Producer

Podcast celebrity. Get used to the term, because there will be more of them in the future as podcasts continue to gain traction in people's media routines.

With the success of Criminal, Lauren Spohrer is a bonafide podcast celebrity. She and her team produce one of the longest running and most successful true crime podcasts out there.

Lauren says that one rule of telling a good story is to avoid giving it all away at the beginning. It's a great characteristic of the Criminal Podcast. When I'm listening to it, I find myself leaning in and waiting to hear what happens next. They are masters at building tension in a story. 

It’s a slow climb to build an audience
— Lauren Spohrer

I was eager to ask Lauren about the nuts and bolts of how they put together their stories. She had a lot of great advice. Here are a few of the tips that came out of the interview:

  1. When possible conduct a pre-interview with subjects to find out if they have a sense of humor, or if they'll be a good interview at all.
  2. Write your interview questions in advance, but be prepared to follow the thread of the conversation where it leads.
  3. Hire someone to transcribe your interviews to make piecing the story together easier.
  4. Focus on creating great stories, and don't hesitate to cut a story when you know that it's not good enough.

Featured Music: Deluge by Chris Keene off his album: "Above The Ground Or Under"