Episode 34 – Tom Hunt: Using Virtual Assistants to Get More Done

Tom Hunt, Creator of VirtualValley.io

Tom Hunt, Creator of VirtualValley.io

Entrepreneurship is addictive
— Tom Hunt

In this podcast, I am interviewing Tom Hunt. Tom is a resident of the United Kingdom, and is the founder of Virtual Valley.

As an entrepreneur who has experienced both ups and downs, I first asked Tom how he started in a life as an entrepreneur. Working full time in the corporate jungle, Tom had never really tried any type of entrepreneurial challenge.

It was a Halloween night and Tom and a friend were dressed in costumes. Part of that costume was leggings that felt comfortable and looked good. The weather was cold and they seemed to also keep the legs warm, so Tom mentioned to his friend, “I think leggings for men would be a good business idea.” Tom's friend agreed.

Buying some leggings made for women, Tom and his friend put male designs on them and set up a small selling outlet in London. But...they sold none. Tom did not give up though. Even while still working the corporate job, they started stitchleggings.com. With a bit of luck and a lot of persistence, their business took off. The leggings began to get popular.

Tom found himself working night and day. Between his corporate job and Stitchleggings, he was working himself ragged. Tom decided he needed help, and he discovered that by using a virtual assistant from the Philippines, he was able to get caught up and still be able to sleep and eat.

Realizing how the virtual assistant helped him, a light bulb streamed into Tom's thoughts.

Why not start-up a Virtual assistant middleman program for other London business start-ups
— Tom Hunt

For small business success, the owner must be working on the money making tasks, but many entrepreneurs are working on tasks that are not actually growing the business.

The use of a virtual assistant allows the business owner to hand over the tasks that need to be completed, but are not actually a money making aspect of the business.

There is a difference between working in your business vs. working on your business. The business and you are two separate things. Your product is not your product, your business is your product.
— Tom Hunt

The idea was tremendous, and Tom found he was working for a plethora of clients helping them get started and attaching them with virtual assistants. This was a new problem, because Tom found he now was spending the majority of his time with other clients.

A new idea came to Tom!

Virtual Valley was his new creation, and he launched it just over 2 months ago. It is a platform to connect virtual assistants with entrepreneurs.

Virtual assistants at Virtual Valley have already been qualified, so you don't have to spend valuable time searching for a competent assistant.

It takes 5 minutes and 7 clicks to find your VA at Virtual Valley.
— Tom Hunt

Tom knows that being an online entrepreneur has its challenges; his entrepreneur attempts online have been full of trial and error. He has discovered that utilizing a virtual assistant is a key way to find success in online business. He was also inspired by the book: E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber.

I asked Tom how Virtual Valley works.

Virtual assistants use a Virtual Valley time tracker. With random screenshots, clients can rest assured that the VA is working on what they are supposed to be doing.

Before any payments are made, Virtual Valley reviews the work completed with the client for approval.

Virtual Valley is completely secure. Payments can be made via Paypal or credit/debit cards.

Using a platform such as this gives safety measures for both the entrepreneur and the Virtual assistant. The VA is guaranteed payment and the entrepreneur is guaranteed competent performance from the VA.

The revenue generated by Virtual Valley is 20% of the client's payment for services. The VA keeps 80%.

Virtual Valley is the system to tap into the global work force more effectively.
— Tom Hunt

Featured Music: Deluge by Chris Keene off his album: "Above The Ground Or Under"