Episode 35 – Darren Shearer: Marketing Like Jesus

Darren Shearer, Author and Publisher

Darren Shearer, Author and Publisher

In this interview, I am speaking with Darren Shearer. Darren is an author, business owner and marketing professional.

I wanted to interview Darren after I read his book: Marketing Like Jesus: 25 Strategies to Change the World.” After all, Darren was writing about two subjects I am passionate about, Jesus Christ and marketing.

I have a passion to be like Jesus and a passion for marketing.
— Darren Shearer

Darren's ultimate goal and calling is to help Christians live out their faith in their business and workplace. Marketing is a primary function of business, and since Jesus Christ is arguably the most effective marketer ever, why not use his example?

Darren's opinion is that everything that occurs in a business is a form of marketing – from customer service, to sales, to the people cleaning the store – it all falls into marketing.

Darren's argument that Jesus is the greatest marketer ever has the potential to ruffle a few feathers. He's received a few raised eyebrows, but for the most part, Darren's background in seminary and business school give him the credibility needed to back up a title like Marketing Like Jesus.

Darren attended Regent University and received an M.A. in practical theology. He also attended business school at Pace University in New York. Along with that, Darren served our country as a Captain in the United States Air Force where he received the U.S. Air Force Commendation Medal during his deployment to Kuwait during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Darren shows us how marketing is value perception. As marketers, the value of our product or service helps us determine the price we charge.

Marketing is not necessarily selling. I define marketing as strategic influence. And Jesus was the greatest strategic influencer of all time.
— Darren Shearer

Jesus often spoke in terms of value and cost. In his teachings, he explained the value as eternity with him and the Father. But it would cost us our life, and his.

Sometimes the value is the story.
— Darren Shearer

But it is up to us to reflect a different perception of marketing. Darren is committed to changing the perception of marketing, because many people have the impression of manipulative marketing that has been prevalent in society.

Jesus was honest about both the value and the cost.
— Darren Shearer

Darren divides his book of 25 marketing strategies into five sections that correlate with the way Jesus conducted his ministry. They are:

  1. Serve

  2. Target

  3. Connect

  4. Lead

  5. Multiply

Christians and non-Christians can learn from the three-year ministry that changed the world. If you're ready to market like Jesus, get Darren's book and start putting his advice into practice.

Darren Shearer owns High Bridge Books, a publishing company that helps authors write and publish the books they've been thinking about for years. Check out his website and sign up for a free online course for new authors.

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