Episode 20 – Frank Cowell: Elevator Agency's Actionable Brand

Frank Cowell, Elevator Agency

Frank Cowell, Elevator Agency

I met Frank Cowell at a local AMA luncheon last spring. Frank gave a great presentation about how to build brands that work, and I immediately wanted to have him on the show. I loved talking to Frank, because I think we have a similar approach to marketing.

Frank believes that you have to wake up every day asking yourself, how can I serve my customers today?. With this kind of mindset, a small business owner removes herself from the selling and marketing issues that feel icky to many of us. Instead, no matter what business you're in, your business is to serve people. Now your marketing has a clear path to serving a more noble purpose.

If you approach your business with a mindset of service, you will be fruitful.
— Frank Cowell

Frank talks about the idea that a brand is built from the inside out – an idea with which I completely agree. You can't build a brand that is healthy on the outside and rotten on the inside. The battle for the mind of your audience has to begin with winning the minds of the people who work on the inside of the company. Think of them as your first audience. (It reminds me of Jesus taking the Pharisees to task in Mt 23:27.)

If you don’t have internal alignment about your brand, you’re just putting lipstick on a pig.
— Frank Cowell

Like most of us, Frank has had to overcome some obstacles to build the agency that he has today. In our conversation, he speaks candidly about the bumps and bruises that he's had to endure along the way. There's a lot to glean in this interview. Enjoy, and go download Frank's e-book, The Actionable Brand for free..

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