Episode 21 – Erin Phillips: The Children's Fund

Erin Phillips, President & CEO of The Children's Fund

Erin Phillips, President & CEO of The Children's Fund

Erin Phillips is a rocket ship of positive change. She is the President and CEO of The Children's Fund in San Bernardino, CA. She loves non-profits and the role they play in our society. She has long been an advocate for civic engagement and generosity in the Inland Empire. To that end, Erin helped start The Pick Group of Riverside whose mission is to provide opportunities for career-minded young professionals to connect socially, develop professionally, and engage civically for the betterment of Riverside.

If they weren’t going to invite us to the table, then we were going to invite ourselves.
— Erin Phillips

I've wanted to talk to Erin for a long time on the podcast, but our schedules just hadn't aligned until now. I love learning about the experiences that shape people, and Erin's background surprised me.

Listening to Erin talk about her mom and dad made me proud and a little more apprehensively conscious about my own parenting. Kids are watching, and listening, and learning from you. Her mom worked her you-know-what off to provide for the family and put herself through college as an adult. Her dad suffered an illness and spent several years on medical disability, but was consistently whispering leadership training principles into Erin's young ears.

It's easy to see why Erin has become so passionate about working on behalf of children suffering from poverty and abuse. She believes in the power of family. But when that fails, someone has to step in to help children.

Systems don’t replace families
— Erin Phillips

Take a listen to my conversation with Erin. You'll learn about her work with The Children's Fund, the Inland Empire, and The Pick Group. And you'll see the human side of one of the Inland Empire's most talented leaders.

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