Episode 17 – Jeff Abbott: How Peer Groups Strengthen Business Leaders

Jeff Abbott, Convene Chair    jabbott@convenenow.com    909.636.1385

Jeff Abbott, Convene Chair

jabbott@convenenow.com   909.636.1385

I have a friend – he's been on this podcast – who keeps me accountable and honest about how I live my life. We could all use a friend like this. As business owners, it might be very helpful to have a handful of friends like this. That's one way that Jeff Abbott and Convene help Christian CEO's and business owners.

In our conversation, Jeff talks about how important it is for a person's core values to remain the same regardless of the role that they happen to be playing. In other words, it doesn't matter if you're leading your team at a corporate retreat or your watching your son's baseball game from the bleachers, you should always be operating on a standard set of core values that define who you are and how you conduct your life.

When Jeff meets with his Convene groups, he talks about it as a "sacred space" where people can feel safe to talk about the real issues that are affecting their business. Often times, those issues can be personal. Jeff says it's about "getting real with each other." That's the value of belonging to a tightly knit group of peers who may have already been down that road, or who may help you find a different perspective on the problem.

Take a listen to my conversation with Jeff, and give him a call when you're ready to get real with how your run your business as a Christ follower.

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