Episode 27 - Scott Shuford: How to Reach a Niche Audience

Scott Shuford, CEO of Frontgate Media

Whether you are running a business that longs to attract Christian consumers, or you are a person who wants to learn more about marketing from an expert, this podcast episode with Scott Shuford, the Founder and Chief Engagement Officer at FrontGate Media will interest you. Scott's years of experience in marketing to both secular and more recently, Christian consumers can provide you with ideas, and an avenue to market your brand.

Scott graduated from college with a degree in marketing. As a Christian, Scott prayed about the path he should take.

Where should I serve?
— Scott Shuford

The answer came to Scott with 3 M's: Music, Marketing and Ministry to youth. Scott's journey began; starting with the Christian music site GoFish.Net where he helped the site grow to huge proportions. After GoFish.Net was sold, Scott again looked for guidance through prayer.

I can do more than I am doing now.
— Scott Shuford

In the mid 1990s before the web was popular, Scott had a vision. With a partner, he started BigMan Media.

As BigMan Media, we handled marketing for all types of businesses. I felt God calling me to focus on Him
— Scott Shuford

The majority of Christian businesses had no idea how to utilize the world wide web in marketing efforts. Scott taught these businesses how they could attract and market to Christian consumers.

I asked Scott if he was concerned about leaving a lot of cash behind by going strictly Christian. His demeanor told me that this was no concern to him. Scott's priority was to follow the path God had for his life, and it is now evident that Scott is being blessed in following that path.

Christian businesses and businesses that wanted to attract Christ centered consumers began to utilize the services BigMan Media had to offer. Because the diversity of marketing forms were so large, Scott and his team decided to put everything together. The decision was made to re-brand it all into FrontGate Media.

It is clear that God has used Scott and FrontGate Media. FrontGate has helped market the 10 highest grossing films that have hit the big screen. Films like The Passion of the Christ and The Narnia Series were marketed through FrontGate Media.

We work with nearly all media companies who have a desire to reach a Christian audience.
— Scott Shuford

I asked Scott what marketing to a Christian audience entails. His answers show that he is a marketing master.

You need to know where the outlets are that your audience is listening to or watching.
— Scott Shuford

Scott explained that building solid lists is probably the biggest key to successful marketing. FrontGate's email list has grown to over 5,000,000 and he says they have the ability to reach 10,000,000 Christians in a moments notice. FrontGate has won several achievements including 2014 Internet Advertising Competition’s Best Marketing Website overall and the Best Faith-based Website.

When you listen to this interview with Scott Shuford, you will discover how PR and marketing can grow a business whether it is Christian based or secular.

Enjoy this interview with Scott Shuford who stands at the FrontLine of FrontGate Media.

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