Episode 26 - Scott Sims: The Buzz In Buzzlogix

Scott Sims

Scott Sims

Scott Sims is the founder and CEO of Buzzlogix, a social media monitoring tool that can provide a complete look at how a business is measuring up in their marketing methods. Buzzlogix monitors your social media channels and can automate social posting for businesses. Buzzlogix was hatched in 2014.

We are focusing on marketing solutions
— Scott Sims

As I interviewed Scott, I had to ask him why he decided to jump into a business that seems overcrowded. There are already a lot of tools that will monitor social media for companies, and also many others that will provide automated posts for social media posts.

We create a marriage between low end social engagement and high end social management to provide a complete social business management structure.
— Scott Sims

The fact is, there is no middle ground. Software companies are either catering to the extremely large corporations by finding negative and positive comments via text on Facebook, Twitter, forums and blogs and reporting it to the corporation who must use another service to defeat or uplift these comments. Or there are other software outlets who simply provide automated posting, but do not manage the responses of those who are viewing the content.

Scott explained that the objective of Buzzlogix is to marry all of the business social marketing and response into an easy to use software that small, medium and large businesses can all be satisfied with. The Buzzlogix team is consistently training their computer systems to recognize brands, subjects and people.

You can find the attitude toward your brand and your competitors brands.
— Scott Sims

It is true, businesses are utilizing multiple avenues to achieve their marketing needs. Scott and the other Buzzlogix team have developed a system that achieves all the business marketing and social needs in one software platform. It is both a listening platform and a publishing platform.

While Buzzlogix is still in Beta mode, the process is moving rapidly where business structures of all sizes will be able to know what people are saying about them on Facebook, Twitter and other social locations. The Buzzlogix software is also available in 20+ languages, so your company can know how your advertising is working in international markets.

You can’t build a perfect product in a year’s time.
— Scott Sims

I asked Scott what else Buzzlogix has in store. The answer could bring the conspiracy theorists out, but image recognition is in the plans too. So when a person puts a happy face picture and states your brand under it, the Buzzlogix software will tell you about the love being shown to your brand.

We have future plans of image recognition.
— Scott Sims

You will enjoy this interview with Scott Sims, the CEO of Buzzlogix. He knows how to explain these highly technical subjects in a way that even people with no computer experience can understand.

After listening to this interview, be sure and visit the Buzzlogix website and check out what this system can do for you and your business. The small business price point will be available in early 2016, so you will want to reserve your space now.

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