Episode 25 - Debra Postil: The Power of the Pen

Debra Postil: The Woman Wonder Writer

Debra Postil: The Woman Wonder Writer

I had the privilege to interview an amazing woman who is on a mission to help young women in the Inland Empire write a better story for themselves.

Meet Debra Postil. Debra is a Senior Deputy District Attorney in Riverside County. Her profession puts her on the front lines of young people's lives who have come into contact with the law through gang violence or domestic abuse. For this reason, she felt called to use her talent, not as an attorney, but as a writer to come to the aid of the girls who come through her courts.

As a published author, Debra realized just how much writing has helped her. She and some other writers started a program called The Write Of Your Life. This is a 10-week after-school program for at-risk children involving writing, creating artwork, and mentoring.

Reading and writing shows kids that there is a bigger world out there.
— Debra Postil

When she started the program, Debra and the others were nervous about how it would go. They were, after all, dealing with kids who were prime targets to become gang members or substance abusers. These were not the easy students.

When the 10 weeks are completed, each student will have completed a publishable piece of writing and an art piece.

In the beginning, we were really nervous. But, we did not give up, and they didn’t give up on us
— Debra Postil

In our conversation, Debra talks about some of the experiences that her writing students have lived through. The stories she hears in the courtroom have inspired Debra to step out and commit to helping those who only know a life of violence and neglect.

When we look at the cost to our economy, mentoring is saving society a lot of money.
— Debra Postil

Debra has authored several books including, It's This Monkey's Business, a book for children ages 4-8 that helps kids talk about domestic violence.

She also wrote two crime thriller novels: The Suburban Seduccion and The Mamacita MurdersDebra publishes under the pen name: Debra Mares.

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