Podcast Episode 2 - Finding Your Crack in the Market with Ron Burgess

Guest: Ron Burgess, CEO of RedFusion Media in Redlands, CA

Topic: Ron's New book, Finding Your Crack in the Market: Secrets to Marketing Niche Dominance and Small Business Success (anticipated release in Fall of 2013)

Ron Burgess, in his upcoming book, Finding Your Crack in the Market reveals his thought processes when working with clients to identify a market niche opportunity. He talks about how small businesses can find success by creating real value for a targeted group of potential customers.

Burgess has built a career helping the small business person. In the interview, he defines marketing as "The process of matching company core competencies with customer wants and needs," and explains the Burgess Value Model that he has developed after years of working with companies. He contends that every company needs to combine brand image with real value to the customer.

We talk about the expanded role of marketing in business which extends beyond advertising and promotions to include product development and customer service.

Finally, we talk about Ron's experience in running a business with his family – Ron's wife and son work in the company.

Opening Music: "The Red One" by John Scofield and Pat Metheny off their album I Can See Your House From Here

Closing Music: "Magic Beans"  by Peter Mayer off the album Million Year Mind