Learn the Person to Person Skills Necessary for Strengthening Your Team and Growing Your Business

Your business can and should grow faster, but there’s something in the way. It’s complicated; It’s people.

Working with people – customers, co-workers, employees – is complex and frequently frustrating. Change comes hard, sales conversations are roadblocked, and working together to innovate faster than the competition is a pain.

Learning skills based on the principles of theater improv can help individuals and teams unlock creativity, feel comfortable with uncertainty, and effectively communicate with empathy, presence, and courage.

The only way to move your company in the right direction is through people. Improv can help you make people your best asset. Our workshop can teach you how.

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Typical Workshop Schedule

8:30 am – Session 1:

Principles of Improvisation – Get Used to Uncertainty

After registering and grabbing a cup of coffee, we'll warm up the room with an exercise to push us out of our comfort zone immediately. Yes, you'll have to talk to people and play along a little bit. Get used to it. We'll be doing this kind of stuff all day. But there's a point. This exercise will set the tenor for our learning style and will launch us into the basic principles of theater improvisation.

10:15 am – Session 2:

Learning to Use Improv to Resolve Conflict Effectively

Like atoms in space, people are constantly smashing into each other with their ideas, expectations, assumptions, and personal biases. All of this messy people business can and will lead to conflict eventually. But rather than allow conflict to stifle cooperation and creativity, you'll learn the improv tools that can help you steer potentially negative situations toward positive outcomes.


11:45 am – Lunch

Have a seat next to someone you don't know and enjoy a meal together. With the level of engagement you will have with the other workshop participants, these may be connections you keep for years.

12:45 pm – Session 3:

Using Improv to Sell Your Ideas, Products, and Company

You're here to grow your business, and every sales conversation counts. Businesses are already using the principles of improv to strengthen their selling process. In this session, you'll learn how to use improv techniques to win sales and make stronger connections with customers. You'll see how to choreograph a sales pitch for a 21st century context. And you'll see why the 20th century rules no longer apply.


2:00 pm – Session 4:

Using Improv to Have Better Meetings, Generate Ideas, and Get More Done

Boring meetings are fertile ground for bad attitudes and soul crushing work environments. This session will focus on how to use improv principles to improve communication, respect, and cohesion in a team. Your company can be more than the sum of its parts, but the people inside the company need to learn how to listen to and build on each others' ideas. Developing improv skills can help your team outperform your competitors, and have fun doing it.


2:45 pm – Session 5:

How to Use Improv Principles to Manage Organizational Change

Turning your ship in a new direction is a mammoth task when you've got sailors who are mostly concerned with protecting there own turf. In this session, you'll learn how to incorporate improv principles to build trust inside of your company's culture, so that you and your people are working together to push, paddle, or swim in the same direction.