What Central Drugs Faced

Central Drugs is a family owned, independent pharmacy. I served as the Marketing Manager for Central Drugs for three years. At that time, the pharmacy was working to make its mark as a leader in the compounding pharmacy industry. They needed to reign in their brand chaos, create useful content for their customers, and present a message that was personal, professional, and most importantly, consistent.

Our Approach

The core of our strategy was built on presenting a compelling and consistent brand message to our target market through four primary channels:

Reigning in the company's brand chaos was my first order of business.

Reigning in the company's brand chaos was my first order of business.

  1. Traditional Marketing – We employed direct mail, public relations, and industry specific advertising tactics to increase awareness of the Central Drugs brand.
  2. Website Lead Capture – We worked hard to make our website useful. Visitors could download educational content, watch video tutorials, and order prescription refills and supplements from our e-commerce site. 
  3. Tradeshows – Through a consistent, professional branding strategy, and a diligent follow-up plan, we made tradeshows one of our most successful lead generation channels. We attended more than dozen tradeshows every year.
  4. Teaching – Educating our customers (both doctors and patients) was a key component to our success. We held an annual three day workshop for doctors around the country to learn about alternative medicine practices. And we offered monthly evening seminars for our local patients to learn about a variety of health topics. 

Content Development

e-books and downloadable resources

Life Essentials E-Book

We wrote a downloadable e-book for our patients to learn the foundational elements of living a healthy life.

How to Market Your Practice E-Book

We wrote this e-book to give our physician customers effective tools to grow their practice.

Videos and tutorials

I made several customer testimonial videos for Central Drugs, but some of our most effective videos were teaching videos.


At Central Drugs, I managed our small marketing and sales team. I developed the company's strategic marketing plan, worked with the team to implement it, and tracked the performance of key metrics.

I also managed Salesforce, our CRM tool. We created a set of guidelines to use Salesforce effectively and consistently through the company.