How to Evaluate Your Website: An Executive's Guide

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This is the first of a series of publications that I'm planning to create to help business executives and owners think about all of the parts of their marketing machine. Download it for free and send me some feedback. I put a lot of hours into writing this thing, and I really want it to be valuable. If you can think of some ways that it could be more valuable, please let me know!

I wrote this guide for business owners and executives who know they should be thinking strategically about their website, but have never taken the time to dig into the question, what makes a website effective?

My purpose is to be helpful, to give you value. Delivering value is a core principle at Ictus Strategic Marketing. It’s the reason I started the business. It’s why I want to work with clients. If you’re not delivering value to your target customer, you’re not really marketing anything. Your website has everything to do with delivering value to your customer and therefore, it should be a big part of your strategic marketing plan.

If your company has a website that needs an update, but you don’t know where to begin, this guide is for you. If you’re starting a new company and you’d like to build a website, but you don’t know how to think about what makes a website effective, this guide is for you. Reading through this document will help you understand what is important in modern website development. It will also help you communicate your needs to the web designer and developer that you hire to build your site.

Evaluating Your Website: An Executive’s Guide takes you through six primary elements to consider when evaluating your website. Each primary element is broken down into smaller sub-elements that will help clarify how to use a website as the home base in your online presence, and speak the same language as your web development team.

Once you understand these six elements, use the scorecard at the end of this document as an evaluation tool to evaluate your company website.

Good luck. Have fun. Call me if I can help.