Marketing Guiding Principles: I'm a farmer, not a magician


Marketing is a process. It takes time. I don't believe in marketing miracles or quickfix magic shows. Marketing is the slow grind of creating and delivering value to your target market.

When I'm hired as a consultant or as a full-time employee I feel the pressure of delivering immediate results. A few changes here and there, a new marketing strategy, and the company should magically achieve all of its annual goals, shoot straight to the top of the market, and rake in 200% more revenue. But it never happens that way. And if it does, then one of two things is true: Either the company was so bad that small improvements translated into enormous and immediate results, or you got lucky – really lucky.

No, most of the time results come slowly (at first) after correctly identifying problems, testing hypothesis, committing to a strategy, and evaluating the results. Then repeat, and repeat again. Over time, this process gives way to better business performance.

Turn up the soil, implement an irrigation system, plant the seeds, tend the farm, be patient, see what grows and what doesn't, harvest, make some changes, and repeat. The first season will likely yield a small crop. The second season a little better. And the third a little better than that. This is how farming works. This is how marketing works.